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About ZaryaD

ZaryaD is the first factory in Russia to manufacture a full range of high-quality ice hockey sticks for all ages and levels of play.

The plant was launched in 2016 in Naberezhnye Chelny by the three-time world ice hockey champion and the only five-time winner of the Gagarin Cup, former captain of the Russian national team - Danis Zaripov.

In a short period of time we managed to organize a full production cycle, which allows us to produce 70,000 sticks per year, our products have proven themselves well among both professionals and amateurs not only in the Russian Federation, but also abroad.

The company uses the highest quality Russian-made carbon fiber, which is used in aerospace, automotive and other industries. Advanced technologies, materials and production have made it possible to achieve an ideal price, quality and efficiency ratio.

Manufactured in Russia
The plant is located in Naberezhniye Chelni (Republic of Tatarstan).
More than 7 years of work
The company was established in 2016. That year the formation of the company was started: the purchase of the equipment, search for the production site and training of the first employees with the basis of the technological process.
181 employees
Today the number of employees is 181.
The company is a territory of the priority social and economic development (TOSED) resident.
The company was launched in 2016 and become a TOSED resident.